Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday with a Side of Park

On Sunday we had brunch at Central Market, read a bit (=14 minutes tops), and made a little video for Daddy during his layover in Newark:

The Quiet Jazz Duo is playing in the background and C broke out into YAY! and applause after each song.

After naps we went to the Landa library playground. 200 photos later...

Josie will be fine in the stroller, they say. Josie will probably sleep in the stroller, they say. I want out. I WANT OUT.

 Cross my heart, the audio for this is BAH! Two boys were playing with a soccer ball nearby.

From Pat's much better camera:

Ah, that's better. What I have I done to merit this one on one attention?

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. Clementine dancing on that video! And those pictures of you and Josie! - Susie