Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

A run down of our woo-hoo! four day weekend.

On Thursday night we went out for sushi at the place we always go because it is good? It's ok. Because of the attentive waitstaff? The waiters are uniformly awkward, as in leaning down and talking baby talk to Clementine for 45 seconds. Count it out, folks -- 45 seconds is a weird, long time. No, we go there because the restaurant is very spacious and can accommodate a stroller (in the corner), the car seat in the booth, and a high chair. Luke had the rolls with ghost pepper sauce and finally found something TOO SPICY.

On Friday morning Luke's parents arrived from Michigan. I whisked the girls and Pat off to my secret playground, Burger King. That evening they went to Luke's show at Lambert's in Austin; I stayed home with the wolves*.

*in the miniseries Fargo Kate Walsh's character responds to an insincere compliment of her wild teenage sons by hissing: 'They're wolves.' Luke and I thought her delivery of this line was so funny that we've started calling the girls 'the wolves' and 'Wolf 1' and 'Wolf 2'.

On Saturday we girls went to the Y. These lace makers were in the lobby - I had no idea how lace was made by hand. For dinner I made my favorite cut of meat - pork tenderloin - a new way courtesy of Cook's Illustrated. Nice sear! No mess! No roasting pan to scrub! The screen shot below serves two - just double. America's Test Kitchen, you've done it again! While the meat is resting, roast or steam some veggies. This is the sort of cooking I'm into these days. (apply heat - then eat)

Blessed are the lace makers.


On Sunday while Luke slept and the grandparents took C to church, Josie and I went to the farmers' market and Whole Foods to read the Sunday Times. Stolen moments.

Hey, that reminds me! Guess who suddenly started going to sleep around 10:30-12:00 and waking up between 7:30 and 10 am? JOSIE. She made the switch at 7 weeks, almost exactly (day of life 50?) when C did. They get their sleep powers from me.

On Monday we went to the Y, Luke and his dad played golf, had a fab steak dinner at Fleming's, and in the evening I attended my first of eight trapeze/lyra classes. YES! Trapeze. I saw Aerial Horizon's post about the intro series on Instagram and thought, perfect. I don't feel awkward and silly and doughy and gravity bound enough. Let's take this sweetness aloft. And that is how I found myself pulling myself (the words hoist and strain come to mind) onto a lyra with the not-so-much greatest of ease. But if we're not pushing ourselves, people, and abandoning self-consciousness and oh yes dignity, what are we doing?! Being dreadfully dull.

Some This American Wife VIPs (very important products) from the weekend:

Balsamic vinegar reduction in a bottle (the one I bought was muuuuch cheaper) Thick gooey goodness with no effort. Squeeze over caprese salad, meat, brussel sprouts (I did all three this weekend). Deeeeelicious.

Lucy Power Booty capri. I had never shopped at Lucy before but desperately needed some new workout clothes. Pat and I went to the store in the nearby shopping center yesterday. Worn once (lyra class), I'm already a huge fan of these leggings. Lucy speaks euphemistically:
Our Perfect Booty Collection is built on our proven Perfect Core technology, now applied to the backside. You’ll love our ultra-thin compression panels which slim hips and thighs, and shape the butt. And they remind you to contract your glutes for a more effective workout.
Sure. But This American Wife doesn't mince words. The leggings have a mesh insert in the backs of the thighs as a cellulite shield. Your gams are 360 smooth 'n' tight. These puppies are on sale, girls! Free shipping! (Already planning to return for this tunic as an upgrade from my usual after-work garb -- uniform t-shirt plus pajama pants, it's sad, folks, very very sad -- and for people who live someplace where 'chilly' happens, a sensation I've almost completely forgotten -- this cowlneck jacket is supah cute.)

TAW, over and out!


  1. Sounds like a lovely and fun weekend. That pork recipe looks great!

  2. I think it's great that you try so many new things. And your description of going to Trapeze class (really, that whole paragraph) is so good! Glad that you were able to enjoy a jaunt with Josie!