Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rich Fantasy Life

My life is completely fantastic but I often daydream, through Instagramlike filters, about things I wish I did/wore/enjoyed/etc. I to the E:

In my Rich Fantasy Life it is perpetually fall and I wear hats often. Like Preston and Olivia Hats. (P&O made my wedding day lace and tulle hair comb ). I am wearing chunky sweaters, short skirts, thick tights, and moto boots. I don't have to tell you - I look adorable yet age appropriate. I'm such a cool mom!


Because it's fall I'm eating a lot of cedar salmon and squash. I run 4 miles most days, so routine I don't have to tell anyone about it. I've gotten really adept with my slr and made a video of my firstborn's first year. (Isn't that the sweetest? By @mollyroberson)

I wear pretty, natural makeup everyday (how gorg is that model?) Of course, I knit during my commute on the train. That or read the New Yorker.

I dyed my hair silver because I'm a badass of beauty, like Kelly. Then I went to back to brunette, with pink ends!
isn't she lovely?
*** I should mention I have a terrible hair cut right now. I went to Ulta (a place, like Bed, Bath, & Beyond that I loathe for almost no reason) for a last minute, get-back-to-regulation-length-before-end-of-maternity-leave and a very sweet girl charged me $48 to cut my hair all one length, snip snip straight-across snip. (C got more styling at Pigtails & Crewcuts for $17.95) I said to Luke, this is a really terrible haircut and he confirmed (but he said it with a lot of love): 'It's like... it's like a haircut of a guy in the 90s, a guy named Bryce. Who plays hacky sack.'

What are you daydreaming about, readers? Vacation? Time to oneself? Time with friends and family? Do tell.


  1. I daydream that I am a vegan who is happy just eating arugula salads all day long.... I am so used to it that I really don't like carbs anymore.

  2. I daydream that I've reached my fitness goals, dropped two sizes, and now have the metabolism of a 20yo. Oh, and I love the part about it being perpetually fall. I'll borrow that for my daydream too.