Monday, November 3, 2014


Maybe the cutest thing that ever happened: Clem's been clapping at the end of songs for a while (live performances and recorded songs alike) but now her applause extends to the endings of many things - the blender and hair dryer turning off, the beep of the microwave.

When there's music: she's dancing, always.

Lots of: words, no phrases. Her newest are 'backpack' (bah-pah) and 'boots' (boo) and 'key'. She identifies things that belong to Luke and me -- patting our respective backpacks and picking up our shoes, MAMA! and DADA! The van is DADA, my phone is MAMA.

Sleeps: through the night without fail but hasn't been napping at school. She arrives home exhausted and ornery.

Josie: sleeps, smiles, eats, sleeps from 11 pm-9 am. Wearing 9 month clothes that C was wearing when she was close to 12 months. Today at her 4 month well baby appointment she weighed 14 lb 4 oz ... as Amy put it, she's in 'hot pursuit' of Clem's 23 pound self. C calls her Juh-jee.

Here she is last night when Luke was making her laugh:

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