Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's Making Me Happy

// Being engrossed in Serial (and the Slate post-mortem after each episode, beginning with episode 5 - and apparently Reddit users are trying to crack the case and that raises all sorts of interesting questions about journalism, storytelling, ethics, privacy) and Gone Girl.

// Daylight Savings Time tricking Josie into going to bed earlier. Until Sunday when she started screaming out of the blue at 2 am. And last night when she stayed awake until 11. Actually, thanks for nothing DST.

// Veterans Day off! With the kids at daycare and most businesses open, I went to bootcamp at 6 am (really tough Tabata Tuesday), grocery store at 9 (vacant), yoga at 11 (full of the ladies who lunch but attend yoga first), had lunch with Luke at the Filling Station (only open weekdays), purchased a dress and coat for an upcoming conference (military discount!), and replaced the shower curtain liner. I've decided to take a day of leave every 2-3 months to do things like this, go to Costco etc, when it's so easy to get around town - leaving the weekend for f-u-n.

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