Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Perfect Weekend

A recap of a stellar few days!

Amanda's birthday dinner with my girls. A happy smile and the fig tart is the only photo I got.

On Saturday morning I had my portrait taken by Lindsey as inspired by my friend and guide-to-all-things-Lou Becky. I rented dresses from Rent the Runway (will definitely do again - so easy!) and Lauren did my hair and makeup at the studio. Eager to see and then spam all of you share the photos!

Back at home Josie and I picked up some groceries -- here's our parting convo...

Saying BYE LUKE! very deliberately because Josie will say BYE YUKE! and it's so funny. This conversation gets hilarious at 1:40.

And then Laura and her family came over! Laura and I went to high school together in Texas and have only seen each other once in the intervening (gulp) eighteen years. She and Pete have two little girls too and they played and played and played and we visited and ate Indian food and had a singalong. So much fun! We are so excited repay the favor and bring this party to Kentucky in the coming months.

I will treasure these videos.

Daniel Tiger hypnosis.

After playing hard the night before the girls slept in to 9 (what a treat) and I resolved to get ready for the week ahead... I haven't been cooking recently (too busy yada yada) and once we start living on takeout everything else seems to devolve as well. The three of us braved Costco-on-a-Sunday and the girls surprised me by each eating three Dixie cups of mixed greens with Italian dressing. C always rejects anything green - until this morning. Because this dressing didn't have too much sugar, I bought it and some spring mix and they ate it for lunch and dinner. I spent the afternoon making meals of bacon and eggs, ground beef for taco bowls, and bratwurst/new potatoes/green beans/brussels sprouts and portioning out and freezing my Costco staples (shredded cheese, flank steak, breakfast sausage). Other finds: organic hardboiled eggs, antibiotic free bacon, organic milk/cream, avocado mayo, my fave GoodFoods prepared guacamole (Wholly Guacamole is terrible IMO). Back to focusing on whole foods.

Time with friends, my family, and a day in the kitchen - my perfect weekend. Aglow* with community and friendship and fun and the satisfaction of a tad of organization -- wishing you a great week, friends.

*refusing to be extinguished by a Trumpster fire of a debate

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  1. I had hope you'd save all those videos for blackmail - alas ;-)

    Thanks again!! Let us know when you're headed our way!