Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shopping: Tees

The girls at Grove Hill sent me a box of tees after I asked do you have any Elliott Lauren tees? Living  in them again. 

There really isn't a long sleeve drapey oversize made in USA* tee that I don't like.

Try-on featuring eyelashes, glued-in pink streak, and hazy cell pics.

I liked this immediately out of the box - green gold metallic. I adore olive drab.

But then... meh? Not a good length?

tucked it in? Why are my photos hazy?

Oh yes. Apparently it is the season of the dolman sleeve. This is so soft.

Most important photo prop: the girls' stepstool.

I don't like the cut-out shoulder trend. But tried. Tried HARD. Still no.

I did not like this high-low oatmeal thermal when I took it out

but tried it on and

this thermal has exactly the nineties vibe I'm into and is flattering and is the neutral I need to go with the fun shoes/accessories I've picked up recently. Didn't like it when I saw it, wore it today. You gotta try things on!

Thanks, Grove Hill! I love my own San Antonio Stitchfix! All set to wear new tees and jeans and perfect pants with my fall mood board/coat rack: red hat and STL-made leopard tote. I'm keeping 5 tees and 4 are made in the USA - awesome!

Have a great week, everybody! This week I'm getting a new phone or at least wiping off the lens of this one, hopefully having a workweek that is only 90% breakneck instead of 150%, and beginning a new project that I don't have time for, but who does?

p.s. you can blame one of my faves The Mom Edit for the dressing room/bathroom selfies.

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