Monday, October 10, 2016


Clementine (looking at the moon during the daytime): Look at that cloud, it's made out of the moon and a marshmallow.

She and Luke were talking about school and she mentioned a boy in her class, Nicholas, who calls her "Smelly Girl... He's being naughty."
Luke: Do you call him any names?
C: Yes [pauses] ... Nicholas.

Clementine when I picked them up on Friday: Mommy, you so uh-zaw-sted. From working, working working?

[I fell asleep here. Uh-zaw-sted.]

Luke has been working with C to say yellow instead of lello (which makes me a little sad, lello is so cute) and when she mastered it she said: I'm a big girl to say yellow.

Josie firsts!

1) Pee-peed on the toilet! (Or as C says, she peeped.) Twice!

2) Said her name! (They must be working on this at school)

And two weeks later!

3) Said Clementine's name: Tine. My mom texted me today that she asked, "Where's Tine?" It's been the strangest thing for so long that she wouldn't address C as anything or provide any name for her when asked (like she would do for her stuffed animals and other people). She's also using phrases now (Watch! I dancing!). She assigns names: Tine Hink-uh, Daddy Hink-uh, Mommy Hink-uh.

Josie insists that we pat her back at night; she demands we PAT DA BACK, PAT DA BACK!

Urging me to walk forward when I'm holding her: Go peas!

Her K sound is a T sound: Josie took off her clothes, threw her hands in the air, and smiled and said: No toes! [no clothes!]

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