Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In our brief time here in SATX, Luke has met several musicians who not only told him where to find open mic nights and work opportunities, but also invited him to perform with them.

Singing and accompanying Matt Parker, just one such fine fellow and fine singer, guitarist and percussionist:


Sorry for the poor sound quality.  This rock star's wife lil' camera's days are numbered.

I love this one.

He is playing a solo show tonight, and opening for a guitarist at a large patio restaurant tomorrow.

I have never seen him happier.


  1. So happy Luke's happy! I can only imagine how proud you are of him. Love you guys! Are you getting a new camera?!

  2. Thanks! I do want a new (smallish, user friendly, but an upgrade from my $150 model) camera- any recommendations?

  3. For a point and shoot, I would recommend the Casio Exilim S12. (link here:

    It's so slim and takes great pics. Only thing is I'm not sure that it's still in production; I know the S10 is, but I'm not sure how that compares.

    Or if looking for a DSLR, which is much more professional, but still small and easy to use, I would recommend a Canon Rebel T1i. I just got one and I love it!

  4. Thanks for the info. We did a little shopping yesterday... of course I want the more expensive one :)