Friday, August 12, 2011

nailed it...


 ... the perfect shade of nude nail polish.  A fifteen-year quest finally has drawn to a close.  Fifiteen years of buying nail polish with names like

Ballet Slippers                                                             
Soft Whispers
Pillow Talk
Happily Ever After
Et Cetera

that invariably were too pink, too white, too opaque, too sheer.  This color is In the Buff from SpaRitual and it's quite peach and therefore iffy in the bottle, but so perfect with two coats.


  1. oohh...i'll have to try this. i too have been on the long search for the perfect pale polish....i found 'barefoot and topless' by essie (at ulta) to be my go to...i'm on the second bottle!

  2. I have Happily Ever After on my toes right now - not my fav, but it's okay - will have to try your suggestion!

  3. Update: Indestructible manicure. Nary a chip. BUY!