Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Th Fr Sa Sun

Whitewater Ampitheatre: David Fenley and the Good Deal
 On Thursday we went out to the Whitewater Ampitheatre, about 30 minutes northeast of SATX.  Out in the country, good music, free show, taco truck... what more could you ask for?

Thrifting has turned out to be a favorite fam pursuit... are we frugal, or are we nosy?  Estate sales satisfy both.

No address posted on signs; we were undeterred.

Stacks and stacks of "adult material".
However, my reading these days is far less salacious... 

Finding this on Sunday morning:

My dear and loving husband

Had some breakfast at a nearby cafe and perused EveryDay with RayRay

which featured these exciting items from the soon-to-be launched Missoni for Target line:
Chevron!  Corduroy!  Floppy hat!
Collected Luke then headed to Mattress Firm to buy a pillow.  Ended up spending about 20 minutes like so:


Discovered this innovation: a bed that can be cooled or heated.  Major freak-out commenced because we have serious, serious thermoregulatory issues.  One always hot, one always cold.  As of this writing have spent an inordinate amount of time considering whether this mattress would change our lives.
They look pretty happy.


  1. two things: 1) we have a heated mattress pad with dual-sided controls, a must have for every successful marriage; and B) you look great in those jean shorts!

  2. 1) Must must MUST know more about this mattress pad.
    2) Thanks :)