Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear Y'all,
I write this from the first booth adjacent to the stage at Charlie Brown's, where Luke is closing out his 30th birthday with a set with Matt Parker. I just downloaded the Blogger app in anticipation of many such a Saturday night. And to create:

Thirty Things I Love About Luke, a Birthday List:

30. He plays and sings every song like he means it, like he wrote it, very intent on taking the listener on the same journey.
29. He always positions himself between me and oncoming traffic (sidewalk) and intruders (en la cama).
28. Eats with gusto. Not shy with condiments. Generous with peanut butter.
27. Nothing beats a great pair of legs.
26. Great confidence, without vanity.
25. Eschews artifice in all things.
24. Sings Annie's Song for me even though he thinks it's emasculating.
23. Nice vocab.
22. We are mystified by the same things: like, following sports and the acquisition of easily visible tattoos (in the words of one comic, Sweetheart, someday that unicorn is going to be a giraffe.) But isn't temporal myopia the same as optimism... and vice versa?
21. Man of his word.
20. Man of many words.
19. Thinks I'm pretty much the cutest, smartest, most-fun-to-be-around thing that ever happened on the planet.
18. Likes my cookin' and did not express *too* much surprise upon this discovery.
17. Not a picky eater. Dovetails with Nos. 18 and 28.
16. Makes sure I always have a bevie. Because I am always thirsty.
15. Is my great champion and protector, but allows me to find my own way when I need to.
14. Equally comfortable in a suit, shorts, glittery spandex hot pants. You know, whatever the occasion calls for.
13. Natural and easy around children, or anyone else for that matter.
12. Capable. Of fixing stuff, drawing up legal documents, writing a song to break your heart, then singing it and putting it back together.
11. Because we are the same.
10. He makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.
9. Because I was used to everything being so hard. And then it was easy and so straightforward and I knew with a never-before certainty.
8. Doesn't mind hot pink here and there.
7. We look forward in the same direction.
6. He just delights me. Knowing that he exists. That I get to love him.
5. No guessing. He will tell you.
4. Unabashed. In everything.
3. Fantastically talented writer of prose and song.
2. We're all in.
1. He always kisses me like he means it. Hallway, wedding, on the way out the door to work. Never a half-hearted or absent-minded kiss in the bunch, not once. 

♥ Happy Birthday, darling ♥


  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday to Luke!

  2. yay! Happy Birthday to your HUHsband :)

  3. you're so adorable...both of you. Happy Birthday Luke!

  4. i love that you love my brother so much :)