Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gov't issue

A few of my favorite things related to my pared-down routine... Spin Pins/ amazing cheapie Pantene balm that my sister put me on to for buns/chignons without the breakage of elastics. 
Viva la revolucion of dinner, ready, when you come home.  I heart ATK, what can I say. 
High-waisted n sassy Hanky Panky panties, in case you too wear flame-retardant, near-infrared technology-equipped camouflage pants that come up to your navel. 
With your soooo comfy boots (I love these boots.  The arch support is fantastic). 
MD Forte sunscreen which I have been using on and off since college - great under makeup. 
Cetaphil - the definitive cleanser.  My mom has been using it forever, and look at my mom.  NO WRINKLES. 
Look at that face.  Like buttah.


  1. After reading your blog I've been trying to figure out why we didn't spend more time together outside of school!! I was just on the Hanky Panky site yesterday trying to decide if I could man-up and wear spendy roos (I'm still rocking the basic cotton Gap Body ones) and I also have been telling people about Cetaphil for years!!

  2. Girlfriend, you need to get yourself some Hanky Pankies! They are sooo good. I like the high-waisted ones 1) for their pin-up allure *hubba hubba* and 2) how this legitimizes the crazy-high waistline of the pants. At the navel, I tell you.

    And Cetaphil + sunscreen + Botox + retinoids: the four horsemen of the anti-apocalypse. Ever onward!