Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In-laws and outlaws

This weekend we were graced with a too-short visit by the in-laws on their way to see their new grandson.  Luke played a show on Friday and Saturday nights and we went out to Gruene for lunch overlooking the river on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night found Luke enjoying a great show with an enthusiastic audience and then...a dead car battery.  While waiting for AAA, who saved the day with some heavy-duty jumper cables, several of the vagrants and colorful characters passing through the parking lot (which is located on Austin Highway, the now-seedy former main drag of SATX) approached Luke to ask why he didn't play the Jim Croce they requested (from the other side of the fence) and to inquire if Pat would like to buy a dress that the hopeful seller had jammed into a plastic bag.

Luckily the old Equinox was resuscitated and will live to schlep another day, and Pat and John departed for South Carolina to meet the newest baby.  A very fun weekend!
Lunch at the Gristmill in Gruene, perched over the Guadalupe River

Luke at Nosh

An aside: Alamo gourdo-->
We saw these verrucous pumpkins at Central Market and I wondered, who would want these?  Warts and all?  In an exercise in anthropomorphism, I thought perhaps it was a pumpkin virus but apparently it's been bred for.  (Horticulturists: please work on getting the pit out of avocados and cherries, not making bizarre bosselated pumpkins!)

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  1. Loved the GristMill--we ate lunch almost in the same spot as your picture 18 months ago.