Saturday, September 10, 2011

Garage of Good

 Garage of Good is a charity event in SATX that I have been looking forward to since learning about it in a roundabout way on Etsy.  I came across this fabulous vendor and loved her recycled/upcycled fabrics and was thrilled to see that she was located in my new city.  I wrote her a message re: a storefront (she's only online) and she replied that she would be at Garage of Good, had I heard of it?  No, I had not, but an upscale flea market benefiting a local philanthropy held in one of my favorite areas (also less than 10 minutes from Hunkelhouse) was not something I was going to miss!

And, it was fabulous:

Spied this rug (8' x 10'), bought on the spot.  Such a great deal!

I love bright colors and geometric prints, so this was right up my alley.  Much of my personal taste is deeply informed by this book:

Caldecott Medal winner, 1979

Back to the browsing:


Philippe Starck Ghost chairs.  Wanted these, clearly.

Plantings in cool, upcycled containers.

From cutest baby/kids store, BabyBesos.  The Etch-a-Sketch says 'No Hablo'

Duck, duck, gnome.
I had a great time, purchased some great finds and then it was time to collect the hambre hombre for birthday lunch.  (He was sleeping in after playing two shows last night.  The first was La Hacienda, and three of my new AF coworkers and their families came out and had dinner.  Really fun).  Luke wanted to go someplace we had not been before and I suggested this cafe, which I had seen on the way to the G of G.

Large tree in the middle of the place

Over the bar.

Then we did a little furniture shopping and spotted this on the highway:

Was hoping for the license plate LASAGNA or ORNG CAT

Snark aside, I have a lot of respect for passionate people.

Tonight Luke is playing a show with Matt Parker in a show he's dubbed the Dirty Thirty.

Photos/video to follow!

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