Monday, September 5, 2011

Wreather Madness


So peculiar.

I saw this on Pinterest and had it in the back of my mind... enter long weekend sans spouse.

Tutorial here

So I went to Michael's and purchased 5 balls of yarn, all of which were consumed:

It was a little time consuming but yielded a bright and textural wreath.  In the evening I made the pom poms then had to go back to Michael's today for a hot glue gun.  While I was there I spotted all these glittery feathery spooky-glam odds and ends... and thought, I'LL MAKE ANOTHER WREATH!

I especially liked these glittery crows, I named them Sheryl and Russell.

Pinterest, YouTube and even Google seemed bare of feather wreath tutorials.  Having never done it before, and spent a rather astonishing $60 on supplies (the wreath was $15, the doodads about $1-$4 apiece), I wanted a little direction.  Finding it lacking, I just hot glued everything on there.  Voila, wreath #2.

It looks better in person- in the photos the black roses and leaves blend with the feathers.  Next time: more contrast.  All in all an empowering trip to the craft store.

Oh and this chair?  He and his partner are destined for a fab makeover as part of Operation Loving the Living Room.  These chairs are big and comfy and wonderful and I cannot wait to reimagine them.  BRIGHT!

Mon chairie amour


  1. your pom pom wreath turned out way cuter than the pinterest one! I like that yours has fewer pom poms and that they are different sizes:) so cute and fun! annddd...can't wait to see the living room makeover!:)

  2. Thank you! It was fun. And a legitimate reason to loiter around the yarn section even though I still have not taken up knitting. Next up- embroidery I think. Where is your blog, Special K? I want to know the goings-on of the Portage Hinkles!

  3. I love it that you are so crafty! Good on you and you did a great job!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  4. I love your wreaths! I need the directions for the pom pom one (for Junior League, we have to decorate wreaths and trees. . . I think a pom pom one would be so cute!).