Friday, February 20, 2015


An update from 2 years and 7 months.

Josie's cutting her first tooth.

And finally falling asleep earlier (than midnight).

She's cheerful, easy-going, and smiles easily. Actually, I know both of my girls will go far in life because they smile easily and have good eyebrows.

This week my mom has gotten Josie to eat more solids though she isn't very enthusiastic about it.

We're finally getting her eczema under control. This is what it looked like at its worst. Her temples are the toughest spot and she'll have a couple of clear days and then the redness and scaliness return. It's a battle.

This sunglasses headband is another example of how Target is bankrupting me $5 at a time.  See also and oh wait multicolor? And these.

C's language is really exploding. Her first sentence is: I WANT IT. The other is:

I WANT MAH SEAT! Seat = the front seat. She's started putting up a fight being strapped into her car seat because she wants sit in MAH SEAT!!!  When we arrive home, she is allowed to sit in the front seat. She insists on the closing the door - BYE-BYE! - and pretends to drive.

Other words:
Mah EL-low (my hello = the phone)
Book with emphasis on the K, boo-KUH
Mike -- my-KUH -- she says this when she sees little black hatchbacks like the one Luke's friend and bandmate drives.

All of a sudden, after barely having the attention span for a board book, she sits through ALL of Dragons Love Tacos. (I read about this book on one of my favorite blogs, The Mom Edit, or maybe Becky's blog?). She goes right to the page where we act out the dragon tummy ache - groaning, moaning, ooooo my tummy hurts!


Amazingly, she knows all of her books, including the ones we don't read very often. I'll ask: go get Opposites/Baby Loves to Rock/Animals/San Francisco ABCs and she retrieves it right away.

Asking her to whistle. I have to ask Luke to demonstrate because I can't whistle. So this is what my whistle sounds like too.

Greeting the neighbors with a lovely sound.

She's finally developing an attachment to a toy - a baby doll she insists stay in the crib with her at night, MAH BAY-BEE! This week is a breakthrough: we sit for a few minutes, rocking, then lay her in the crib, cover with a blanket, and say 'goodnight'. She answers BYE BYE!, sucks her left thumb while holding her right ear, and closes her eyes.

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