Thursday, February 12, 2015

In Others' Words

This week I felt Josie's first tooth and observed the autopsy of an elderly person. Sometimes I'm reminded of this pendulum on which we ride, sacred, profane, joyful, heartbreaking, boring, exhilarating.

In Disgrace

Life is absurd. A man can count on that.
After the great triumph, you’re left standing alone,
Standing on the corner, holding your hat,
Trying to call a friend on your cell phone.
Men my age are arrested for public exposure
Who only needed to take a leak in the bushes.
They didn’t run through the park with no clothes or
Flash anyone. Life is like that. Some parts precious,
Moments of glory, and then the need for urination,
Then a disgrace in men’s eyes, and crying bootlessly.
Here I am, a man of a certain reputation,
But your love, darling, is worth all of that to me.
      Were I an outlaw, branded far and wide, No Good,
      You’d love me just the same. I know you would.

Ramon Montaigne

From the Writer's Almanac, listen to episode here

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