Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's Making Me Happy: Valentine's Edition

A little bit of Galentines weekend 2015 and what's making me happy this week.

Josie's startled cry not once not twice but three times after C's squeals of delight with her new musical Valentine's gift.

Josie Maran argan oil products. Carly gave me the Winter Dreams set for Christmas. I started using it in Michigan and really like it - a big surprise as I have oily skin and have always been oil-adverse (that every company including my beloved Paula's Choice started making an oil product convinced me to try). This little kit is the perfect size -- as we said growing up, a lil dab'll do ya -- these will last forever at the 2-3 drops/day rate. My faves are the hand cream (planning on buying the unscented version I found on when I run out) and the infinity creamy oil . I wouldn't buy the hydrating milk again because it's crazy expensive but will enjoy it while my sample lasts. I picked up these two little lip/cheek tints, the only cream blush I've ever liked (also will last forever - but this kit is cute). The sunscreen is too thick for facial use for me so I moved it to the car for back-of-hands-before-driving application.

From the no-baby desk: IUDs are in vogue and in Vogue - I'm considering one myself. Remembering to take a pill is becoming tiresome.

From the baby desk: Ugh, the Mini boden spring stuff! I want all the things! This dress, this outfit, polka dot shorts, this sweet vintage-y number, this romper.

Speaking of onesies - the whole family will be sporting them this summer. I plan on buying this jumpsuit and wearing with these Birkenstock-esque sandals I picked up at Target (violating my no-cheap-shoes rule but my summer 2008 Mossimo flip flops are still going strong) every day. All I need to do is get Luke in this and we'll be all for one, onesies for all.

p.s. I might also need this one. Jumpsuit + liberal application of SPF + sandals + hat -> I'm ready for your summer, SATX! Since you'll probably be here in two weeks.

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