Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taking Stock / Late February

Making: A beeline for Massage Envy to redeem the massage I was gifted for Christmas after the next few days are over. Interview, all night - overnight frozen sections, lecture prep, inspection prep... WHEW.

Cooking: these enchiladas. I used a whole rotisserie chicken and we ate it all week. Next up: using the soup to replace the bechamel in lasagna; doesn't that sound delicious? (From the same website: this pumpkin cheesecake with oatmeal cookie crust - that delicious pairing seems long overdue)

Drinking : hard cider. Luke calls these my 'cider days' as in, 'fend for yourselves, girls, Mom's watching Nashville and having a Ciderday.' Turns out my favorite hate-watch* show aired a few episodes this month - I have some hate-catching up to do.

*not healthy

Reading: = listening. This month I listened to Dear Life and Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. In March I plan on reading The Mistral's Daughter for friskiness' sake and A Load of Hooey for giggles and p53: The Gene That Unlocked the Cancer Code as brain food.

Wanting: to get back to pre-babies fighting weight but IT'S REALLY HARD, YO. Learning that 1 hour of caloric expenditure does not negate the intake decisions of the other 23 - I'm fitter than I've probably ever been but... stuck. Advice please. (Input < output, I get it)

Looking: like an invisible thirtysomething mom and that's gotta change (see: jumpsuits)

Playing: Podcasts. Books.

Wasting: So much time on the phone! Maybe listening to this will help... I've just downloaded it on my phone.

Wishing: is a real waste of time.

Enjoying: time with my mom this week - she came to help out during my week of call. She gave me the greatest gift of all - SLEEP - by getting up with the baby all week. #bestmom #strongmom #tiredmom

Waiting: for the hiring decision of that job. Cross your fingers, friends!

Liking: Windowshopping at La Cantera yesterday, these were my favorite items: this blouse, this briefcase.  I spent a boatload on my first purchases at the Hanna Andersson store (quality is the word of the year...) Also: C's first public tantrum, complete with howling, screeching, and going completely limp, hastened our departure.

Wondering: In anticipation of summer, where have all the sunhats gone? I have purchased at least three of these iPlay sunhats - no idea where any of them are. Probably where all of the socks and sippy cups go -- scattered around the parks, playgrounds, and beer gardens of San Antonio.

*Please read to the tune of 'Where Have the Cowboys Gone' and do NOT skip the doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo intro.

Loving: how Clementine lies right down and goes to sleep these days, even if the bedtime routine goes rockily.

Hoping: Most amino acids are supplied by bananas and string cheese otherwise C will develop some sort of peculiar deficiency.

Needing: my sister Elise to organize my closet.

Smelling: probably a little bit like baby vomit.

Wearing: compression socks. I am consumed by fervent belief in prophylaxis. #youresovein

Noticing: how strangely, deeply, suddenly tired I am at different points in the day. Essentialism and experiential wisdom and common sense propose a 15-20 nap in the middle of the day. And that is why I may bring a small cot into my office. #I'masnoozerbaby

Thinking: that finding out about College Nannies and Tutors is going to be the biggest plus to our marriage and family life in 2015. We went from having one rarely available sitter to the Uber of sitters. Already have two outings planned!

Feeling: so in love with these little girls.

In new coordinating Hanna Andersson pjs

Bookmarking: A nearby clay studio's hours - planning to take classes in March. Wheel-y excited.

Opening: many an Amazon Prime box.

Giggling: over Hot Dudes Reading

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