Monday, February 23, 2015


Over the last month Clementine has learned two colors: yellow (LELLOW) and blue (BOO). This week she added pink (somewhere between PINK and BINK).

Last night Luke was quizzing her about the whereabouts of her shoulders, thumbs, and pinkies. I don't think we've ever pointed out pinky fingers before, and here was her response:

Pointing out the little pink buttons on her new leggings...this is so heart-meltingly adorable I think we'll be talking about it for the rest of our lives, in the manner of:

Julie, age 3: My parents read a lot of books to me and I went through a phrase of speaking 'bookese' as my parents deemed it, adding 'she said' to the end of sentences. While having dinner with my grandparents, I glowered at my grandmother and said 'Pass the butter, she growled.' Thirty-plus years of hilarity ensue.

Luke, age 3: Ransacked all the guests' coats at a family party -> parents discovered his diaper jammed with dollar bills.

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