Saturday, May 14, 2016


Ice cream with Daddy.

Josie the little mother.

Reacting to The Little Mermaid.

New words trashhhhh and shoe.

Luke and I enjoy taking one kid places - separately they are delightful. Together they bicker (Clem), push (Josie), and fight [over babies/dirty dish rag/ukelele].

We took them to Petco because it looked like rain. They liked looking at the fish and lizards ... Clementine whispered to herself while gazing at the baby python 'snakes are dangerous'.

Next door at Target on a caramel Chameleon run.

Piano time.

Rocking out before school. She uses Luke's guitar stand as a microphone which slays me.

Second Thursday at the McNay. We brought cupcakes, listened to the band, and saw the new exhibit Coney Island.

Spring dance recital. Uncharacteristically, she balked at performing.

Josie and her swim cap.

Getting ready.

On the way to the Cove. This hurts my eyes.

Her expression summarizes the morning.

But then there were nachos.

And the playground.

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