Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Goals

My April goals (with a really perfect gif):

// Read one parenting book. CHECK. I read No Drama Discipline and took a four week hiatus from Outlander. When I get in a gym groove (which I did - 18 times in April!) waking up at 4:30 precludes most tv.

// Make a photo book. CHECK. Yes, I did it using only Instagram photos and an app, but I did it.

// Get rid of a bunch of stuff when Elise is here. CHECK. I have the bookshelves to go.

// Have 15 days of <25 grams of sugar! Errr, no.

// Two dates. Escondido and Harry Connick Jr.

Our time in Texas is quickly drawing to a close! Things are ramping up moving-wise so I'll have to keep the goals simple and antithetical - go to the gym a lot and eat as many still-warm flour tortillas as possible. And:

// Read other parenting books.

// Get more than 6 hours of sleep per night, something I don't do according to my Fitbit.

// Cull cookbooks and [all the rest] books.

// Do a little bit of research for our fifth anniversary trip - I want to make the most of it! At this point booking some lodging and a way to get there would be good.

take it away, Lyle!

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