Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week of Parks

I wanted to savor the unseasonably lovely weather by visiting a park every weekday evening for a week.

Picnic at Landa. We picked up some victuals at Central Market.

Olmos Basin Park.

Amy's ice cream then Brackenridge for C and Luke...

... Josie and I stayed in the car. (She doesn't nap most weekdays).

Thursday was Cinco de Mayo at Pearl - not too much going on yet no pics - my hands were full.

Friday was a very fun day! I took a day off and made an appointment at Nordstrom to address my civilian work wardrobe. After spending two hours with Patsy*, I had lunch at the Bistro (cilantro lime shrimp salad and a glass of sangria) and spent some time at the mall and enjoyed being alone around a lot of people.

*gonna blahg more about this

That night we picked up picnic supplies and went to the botanical garden where the ballet was performing short rehearsals.

Some peanut butter 'sammich' smeared on her cheek.

Saturday was the Alamo 180 benchmark + bouncy house + BBQ. The workout was the 300 - 25 pull-ups, (with a band por supuesto) 50 deadlifts (95 lb), 50 push-ups (knees here), 50 box ascents, 50 floor wipers (at 95 lb), 50 dumbbell clean and press (15 lb), 25 more pull-ups. I went in the first heat and went home to retrieve the fam for post-workout bouncy house and John D's barbecue chicken. (John D's family owns the next door construction supply company and they have a smoker = in-gym catering. Luke and I agreed - best barbecue chicken ever. John says he watches Aaron Franklin's videos for instruction - noted.

We celebrated Mother's Day by getting a sitter and heading to Paramour for a coffee and a donut and the paper.

favorite barista Chelsea

Ahh, Sunday night.

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