Sunday, August 14, 2016

Babes, Badass Babes, and Pizza on the Porch

My mom texted me on Friday to ask if she could take the girls overnight and we were all BE OUR GUEST.

She and C went to Pete's Dragon and Josie and Grandpa Bob watched the Olympics. I worked late and Luke ordered Indian food; we watched the Olympics and I worked on the blog; we wondered, could this be every Friday? Mom brought them back in the morning for our splash pad playdate with Brooke and Jen and their boys:

The most darling boy.

This is his "smile!" face. 

Back home for naps then I headed to Cherokee Street for a Badass Babes Tour with Amanda's tour company Renegade STL. That's right - Amanda had an idea and she worked [and worked and worked] and her brainchild is a badass in its own right. My friends make me so proud!!!!

Friends, please, book a tour! My tour took us into parts of the city I've never seen before. They lead many themed tours but - get this - will put together a custom one for your group. Recently they led a family reunion tour for a matriarch's birthday (whom Amanda interviewed until the guise of something else) and the family piled in the bus with the surprised grandma for a tour of Important StL Landmarks in Grandma's Life -- how freaking cool is that?!?

Elizabeth, co-guide and badass intern.

Picked up three houseplants at Flowers & Weeds across the street from the tour departure point, StL-Style.

Back home to get ready for the babysitter...

Then off to Olio and the Royale with Stu and Becky. Fun!

On Sunday morning we went to the gym (childcare on Sundays!) where I read the New Yorker and Cook's Illustrated while cycling at 1.2 mph on the stationary bike. Lunch at home followed by popsicles. Josie had issues.

We had planned to meet up for a concert at Carondelet Park but it was rained out. Because I had promised C that we would pick up cupcakes for the concert, we bought them anyway. C had the idea to have a picnic outside and when we arrived home, a pizza deliveryman from Jet's was in our parking lot. That's funny, I thought. Luke's been wanting to try Jet's. Then the man went to our door and I started to laugh*.

*Not as hard as I laughed when at the grocery store-->

Clementine: What are those?
Me: Cotton balls.

Margaritas from a can.

This is C's "smile!" face. Might need work.


I like Josie's style.

It's 11 pm now and we've watched our 3 hours of Olympic coverage and the girls have just fallen asleep and a soft, steady rain is falling ... life is good. Hope you had a great weekend, friends.

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