Thursday, August 25, 2016


Some new favorite products:

// Dr. Jart Ceramidin body oil and body cream. I love this oil because it sinks into my skin almost immediately and [in the words of Clementine] makes it 'so sof'. An oil that's not oily.


// THESE ARE AMAZING. The Estee Edit's Inside Track eyeliner goes on so smoothly - zero tugging - and stays put all day. I haven't used a primer and this hasn't budged all day. One color is sold out online but my Sephora had all the shades yesterday. My only fear is that it won't sharpen well because its softness.

// Hand cream, day: I'm fond of Supergoop because they are a San Antonio company. Sephora carried this little starter kit recently and I like all of the products a bunch, especially the serum and eye cream. I don't think eye cream is essential but I like the reminder to use SPF close to my eyes. The texture of the serum is exactly what I look for: sinks in and isn't too matte or too shiny. Typically I don't buy scented lotion but really like the subtle spicy scent of the hand cream, which I apply to the backs of my hands before driving. THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS ETERNAL VIGILANCE! I'm very happy to use cheap titanium dioxide sunscreen for that application -- but will definitely buy the hand cream on a day when some retail therapy is in order. Like tomorrow or later tonight when I start thinking about tomorrow. 


// Hand cream, night: My sister Elise is a Lush Cosmetics fan and this hand cream I picked up with her in Chicago is fantastic. Now that we're in a climate with winter I have to stay vigilant or I develop 'crone hands' overnight: dry, cracked, and red. The Lush store is a fun sensory experience too.

// Speaking of Lush, another product I like a lot that makes wearing clothes in a hot sticky weather LESS of a sensory experience is their Silky Underwear dusting powder. Another good one: Jack Black Dry Down.

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