Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Fun

Last Friday I had a relaxing night at home with the girls while Luke went to Broadway Oyster Bar with friends. On Saturday we had a party in the afternoon and planned the morning to wear out the girls with the hope they might nap beforehand. We went to a nearby farmer's market and then to Bolyard's Meats in Maplewood. I have been looking for a locally sourced butcher shop and Becky recommended Bolyard's. I purchased the Meat for the Week option - a pound of deli meat, ground beef, breakfast sausage, pork chops, meatballs, summer sausage, bacon, Italian sausage, fresh pasta sauce and fresh pasta from Pastaria, a quart of stock, and apple ketchup - for $100! A very good deal I thought. Very smoky is my initial reaction - loved the bacon, so so on the meatballs, froze the rest. I look forward to getting steaks next time.

Back at home we went swimming and did get the girls down for a nap; we woke them up for the party. The party was an indoor-outdoor kids-invited work function and I hired a sitter to help us out. Even so I couldn't chat much because helicopter mom life:

After the party, we met my mom in a parking lot and she took the girls for the night and we went off to a happy hour at a friend's house and made new friends and took them to see Becky and Stu at the Royale. PARTY TRAIN KEEPS ROLLING! On Sunday I went in to work, my mom returned the girls, and I took Josie to Hanna Andersson for their fall wardrobe. Which reminds me -- always shop HA in the store! Online, full price. In store, oh, everything is 30% off.

[work work work work work]

This Friday I worked late, picked up delicious delicious Indian food from a place recommended by my colleague AND 0.5 miles from our place for dinner, and Brett and Elise arrived from Chicago. In the morning Elise and I went to spin and yoga, picked up deli sandwiches for lunch, and my parents picked them up to head to the ballpark. After our sitter arrived we drove downtown and walked to the stadium.

St. Louis, you're a pretty lady.

After the game we went to BrickTops for a late dinner (have you had the deviled eggs?!) We had a lazy Sunday morning, sleeping in and watching Zootopia, until Brett and Elise departed. It was a great time with the fam. So, so, so good to be so much closer to everyone.

The day before I asked friends over for dinner and ordered fried chicken and sides from Dierberg's earlier in the day. Maybe I should stick with impromptu(ish) parties ... if I have more time, I make more plans, plan out more recipes, get anxious, find myself making dough at 10:30 pm that requires two rises, get more anxious and cranky and wonder WHY DOES HAVING FUN HURT SO MUCH?! At long last I've gained some insight into this complicate-everything-and-stifle-the-fun tendency aaaand only made biscuits from scratch because I had all the ingredients on hand but otherwise got out of my own way and simply had a good time preparing some food, buying more, and getting our weekly meal preparation (bacon and eggs, pork tenderloin and veggies, and taco meat) done at the same time. And it was a wonderful time with old friends and new friends! Let go and let Dierberg's. 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

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