Sunday, August 28, 2016


// Clementine within earshot of the middle-aged woman she was observing walking to her apartment: "LOOK AT THAT OLD LADY! She's going to go inside, change her cwothes, and go to bed." [All behaviors she is familiar with from observing her mother.]

// We gave up on the girls sharing a room but before we did we would instruct them as we closed the door: "No talking! No talking!" Now when we announce it's bedtime Josie immediately pipes up NO TALK, NO TALK but it sounds more like nuh tuck, nuh tuck. Luke and I like to mimic this later like it's Josie's secret Russian accent.

// Josie had a speech evaluation and she does have a delay but nothing too serious and she doesn't qualify for any state services. Her receptive language is advanced for her age, though, and the speech pathologist described her as "fiercely independent." Verrrrry diplomatic.

// In a fit of "we should do more Montessori things!" I bought this knife about six or more months ago. I allowed C to use it once and deemed it too sharp and I secreted it away. My mom brought a loaf of banana bread over last week and I suggested that C cut it... to which she responded, "with my orange knife?" I was astounded that she would remember it; we used it once and never discussed it again.

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