Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Days

A few snaps from our first days in St. Louis.

We had a day and a half to move in before the girls arrived.

The Gramophone used to have a stage in this very spot, and we got married there.

Jenny brought over mini cherry pies her mom made. ★Sherri's food is always amazing.★

Meeting up with friends at Tower Grove farmer's market. Now remembering to Amazon Prime a bubble machine.

This splash pad will make every blog post until October.

I think this could be a really funny meme.

We dropped off some books at my office (see the suitcase? #classy) and the hospital happened to be hosting a kid's fair that morning. It was sweltering that day and I didn't have their hats or any sunscreen but we stayed long enough to eat a free hot dog.

Here I am that same day showing off my first manicure in 5 years, a shellac that was indestructible for three weeks.

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