Friday, August 12, 2016


// Clementine summarizing a description of camping with Grandma and Grandpa in which s'mores figure prominently: "I eat marshmallows at night time?"

// After a review of the day's schedule and all the fun before her nap and after her nap: "Two funs?"

// Rhyming is a new favorite! She'll come up with a pair -- door, more! and shout "DOZE ARE WYMES!" She makes up lots of nonsense ones but occasionally will come up with some gems like BONG - DONG! and FOUR - WHORE!

// Lately she's been into skeletons, talking about them, who has one, etc. I pulled up Google images for examples and now she asks for SKELETONS ON YOUR PHONE! We looked at this image and she said: "That's not a skeleton that's a bone cat!"

I'm thinking about surprising her with these pjs buuuut 1) we're having trouble getting them to sleep so glow-in-the-dark is a no-glow no-go and 2) I've always found skeletons very macabre. So it's cats x 2 for us.

// Upon stepping outside: "It's not too hot! It's not too cold! It's a great day! ... I don't like the sun, but I like the hot."

// At the grocery store: "THEY GOT PURPLE GRAPES, LIKE THE J!" [the J is our new gym -- a new gym with a snack bar]

// Singing Luke's song "Everybody Tells Me" to herself in her crib:

// Where she would live if we let her, the spwash pad.

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