Wednesday, September 7, 2016


// Clem looked me up and down in the morning and said slowly, "Panties and buh-rah." 

// When talking to Clem in her crib about our plans for the next day (mac and cheese! a popsicle!) she leaned in, rubbed my nose with her nose, and said in a fairly patronizing way, "Ugga mugga." (Any Daniel Tiger fans out there?)

// Taunting Josie: "I'm going to winned you!" [triumph over]

Clem's favorite books these days are Make Way for Ducklings and It's an Orange Aardvark! (Thanks, Judy!) She loves to swim, "put on my dress ups", help with cooking, and ride her bike. I adore how much she talks and narrates everything, including a recent trip through my hospital (aka the hasta-bull) to have a cafeteria doughnut before I took her to school:

SO MANY BEE-TEE-FULL PWANTS IN THIS HASTA-BULL! (admiring the Chinese evergreens)
FISHIES! PURPLE FISHIES! (Aquarium in admissions)
LOOK AT THE DOCTAHS! (people in scrubs)
LOOK AT THE QUEEN AND HER BABY! (statue of Mary and Jesus)
YOU GOT BI-NOC-A-LERS (binoculars = microscope)

Josie is talking more and more which is so encouraging. She's added short phrases like "I find it" to her vocabulary. Her favorite animals requested by name each night are Jirj (Curious George all the way from Texas) and Fox (a stuffed fox given to Clem, who's never been one for loveys. Josie loves stuffed animals). She still has no word for Clementine, curiously enough.

She loves spicy food - eg Luke's three-squirts-of-Sriracha-added ground beef - I find this astonishing. She indicates that it's "bye-shee" then grins and eats it. Weird, huh? She eats kalamata olives, bits of lettuce, green beans, meat. She often chews up something like a piece of ham, sucks out all of the moisture, and spits out the dry bits. It's a reverse au jus that we call an au Jo.

How much time do you have? That's how much cottage cheese she will eat. Cups and cups and cups.

Josie asks for Finding Nemo by name ("watch Nee-no!"), gets very scared during the Beauty and the Beast wolf attack scenes, and will sit mesmerized by Daniel Tiger and Curious George.

Me: Josie, what is Nemo's daddy's name?
Josie: FISH.
Me: Touché.

We found out tonight that she can sing part of the alphabet -- we had absolutely no idea!

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