Sunday, September 18, 2016

What's Making Me Happy This Week

A couple of weeks rolled in here...

// Meeting up with Marcella at the event she and her boyfriend started, Vintage Bike Night!

Josie's selfie duck face is really coming along.

// Chicken 65 at Anis. Like caprese salad or Justin's white chocolate peanut butter cups, I wish I could eat it everyday!

// The hospital catering's ingenious addition of potato chips to salads in lieu of croutons. So far I've had romaine with Cheetos and green leaf with Ruffles. Obviously delicious.

// Getting my hair colored at 7 am and straightened at 7:30 pm on the same day at the same salon right by my house! 

// While the dye was setting and I was happily engrossed in the September InStyle, Luke surprised me at the salon because he was getting coffee next door. Two part happy:
   1) I was really touched that he would stop by to say hello.
   2) He gave me a sip of his coffee -- bourbon pecan flavor with a dash healthy glug of cream. Delicious!

// Lucas Jack at Off Broadway! Plus this great little article on was published.

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