Thursday, September 22, 2016

Marshmallows and Smoovies

A weekend recap:

Josie brought her real strong accessories game to our reunion play date!

Molly and John were in town so the STL contingent of our residency class got together to meet each other's babies, including twins! (Sorry we took the photo after you left, Ann!) Ten years since I met this crew! Astonishing.

Afterward, my mom came over to watch the girls while they napped and I went in to work for a bit. We went to Nordstrom for shopping and dinner. Mom and I both had a return and I was hoping to price match a sweater (Nordstrom now sells some J. Crew).

 Clementine from the stroller: Mommy, her bangs are too long!

The girls had a meltdown leaving the store... C screaming about pushing the button for the elevator while in Nordstrom and then, in the parking lot, I WANNA GO BACK TO NORDSTROM! I WANNA GO BACK TO NORDSTROM!

All was well a couple of hours later when I asked her about the day:

The rest of this week she's been so delightful and charming and funny. This morning we stopped for doughnuts at 6:40 am and I told the girls they could eat them in the car -- C said no, I want to eat mine at school. And she held the little bag on her lap and carried it in and ate it at the little table with the little chairs. She created and passed her own marshmallow test!

Speaking of marshmallows...

On Saturday night, C read me the booklet included in my most recent ThredUp purchase. She's been talking about marshmallows a lot. Smoovies are the Panera smoothies she and Josie get to have at grandma's house. The girls spent Friday there because I worked Saturday. Jenny came over for some takeout, shopping of my closet, and Rent the Runway perusing (weddings coming up!)

Now we've had a great week with Luke and the band in town, Indian Friday is right around the corner, I've made a list of weekend errands I'm actually excited to tackle, and the Strange Folk Festival is in Lafayette Square! Have a great one, folks!

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  1. Clementine :) I think reading a book and braiding hair sounds pretty nice :)