Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Strange Folk

My parents took the girls for the weekend -- which meant a little respite as a busy week headed into a crazy week -- in the form of:

Indian Friday with Mike* in town.
Personal training session with Courtney.
Running errands like mad - Nordstrom Rack, running store to return new shoes (giving up on running shoe as training shoe, liking this Under Armour shoe from the initial try-on), and a jeweler for necklace recon. To the right are wax molds of pendants - Stacy and I worked together thinking of ideas, the overall look, size, and metal. Lately I've been gravitating toward yellow after being a white gold person my entire life. The necklace (charms with Luke and the girls' initials) is inspired by the long gold necklace with our three baby rings that my mom always wore, so I've been picturing it in yellow gold for that reason. Luckily, the jeweler makes a sketch on the computer which can be rendered in both (and revisions made to font before engraving, etc). I am looking forward to the proofs (mock-ups? sketches?)

Then Luke and Mike and I headed to the Strange Folk Festival where I bought this fab-u-lous bag from my friend Allyson (which lies flat -- it is a giant bag draped over the giant bag I was already carrying).

Ate some pork belly on a stick

And chatted with the very fun girls at the ENAMEL PIN BOOTH, something I had written about the very day before! 1) One of the girls lives in our apartment complex (15 miles from the festival - reinforcing Luke's notion that only about 35 people live in STL) and 2) thinking of a Daily Disco x This American Wife collab, featuring enamel pin designs of my favorite things: tunics, microscopes, cross-sections of umbilical cords making scream-y faces (trust me, it's hilarious), Diet Coke through a straw, steak & eggs, and lace up Cole Haan boots. Wow once you turn on that creative design juice it is hard to suppress. In the meantime my margarita pin is awesome.

Meanwhile, the girls were bringing great-grandma a doughnut:

and giving a little kiss-kiss dahling before departing. Josie's feet... 💔

At the festival I bought this s'more and campfire set, which they loved --

And snuggled with during the tense moments of Beauty and the Beast. 

*Mike is the best houseguest ever! We loved having him in town.

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