Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day.  Two people.  No gifts to each other.  No cheese logs.  No cookies.  About 14 waking hours. 

1200-1300 Return books and DVDs to library.  Drive around that neighborhood a bit and discover Mistletoe Lane!

1330-1400 Skype with Michigan family.  New baby on the way in August for Sara and her husband!  Hear details of Luke's sister Susie's engagement to Ben after a whirlwind 4 month long-distance courtship!  So excited to watch their romance bloom from afar.  (And attend their wedding, which is going to be fa-bu-lous, knowing Susie).

When I heard about it, I found myself clucking in my head, Ahh, young love.  And then I realized where I remembered that from; I slowly recognize what I have long suspected, that my language and internal monologue consist of a patois of Disney movie and MGM musical dialogue.  But onward.

1430-1600  Prepare Tuscan white bean and pork soup (Cook's Country, winter 2011) using ALL of the Swiss chard (stems and leaves) and some of the rosemary from the CSA share.

Hot bacon shot

Sauteeing veggies in bacon grease.

Luke decides bacon would be better 'topped with little whipped miracles' rather than in soup.

The soup. 
1700- 1900  Watch Bill Cunningham New York, a documentary about eccentric, genius New York Times photographer.  Pretty fascinating.

1900-1910  To kitchen for snack.

And to draw a cartoon.

Newest nephew, Levi.  So cute.  And thumb-sized.
Lovin' by the oven.

1915 Make fire for the first time.  Turn switch next to fireplace to turn on fire for the first time.

1930- 2130  Watch Louis C.K.  Snort-laugh with abandon.

2130-2200 Attempt to contact Chinese or pizza place.  Veggie soup was not what we needed right then.  No one answers.

2200-2300  To kitchen for grilled cheese and pantry tomato soup.  AND DANCE PAR-TAY!

What I am looking at?

To re-create this in your own home, click here.  Also add some Hall & Oates.

Luke DJ's our soup and sandwich making from the microwave.

Hi neighbors.

mmm.  more soup.

Midnight dinner.

Nice plating.

2300-0100  Dinner and more Louis C.K.  Go to bed laughing, full, happy.

                   Hope your Christmas was grand!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Love all the pictures, really adds to the story.. You guys seem like a cute couple. :) Merry Christmas.