Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pizza! Pizza! (and Pizza!)

The point of this post is twofold:

1) To impress upon you the game-changing-ness of a pizza stone, if your 1st game is making awesome pizza at home.  2nd game: making your husband happy after the chard-lentil-cauliflower onslaught.

2) The revelation of the food processor in dough-making.


3) To showcase a recipe from the cookbook just purchased by my mom at my insistence, ATK's Family Cookbook.

A few months ago I made the same pizza (quick sauce and dough) with so-so results.  This time around I had two important implements, a food processor (with a dough blade and dough feature) and a pizza stone from Williams-Sonoma:

And pizza was delicious.  Really great crust.  We used up the rest of the CSA sausage (which turns out is wild boar sausage!!!) and stuff from the fridge- giardiniera, olives and banana peppers.  The recipe makes enough for three pizzas, and is very easy, especially if made ahead (mix in food processor, turn out and knead for 5 minutes, place in fridge to rise for up to 16 hours).

Sausage and spicy fixin's

Sriracha on 'his side'

Olives on 'my side', denoted by banana peppers
Later I made peach sorbet (with swirls of leftover strawberry puree from last week's strawberry ice cream) -- think a scoop of this would be delightful in champagne... perhaps the drink pairing for the NYE egg salad.  Terribly elegant, I know.  And plotted how to use this week's farmer's market share: greens, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, tomatoes and oranges.  Plus beef chunks for stew and two filets.  Yum.

The head of cauliflower is really, really huge.

Texas oranges.  Jug of sangria.
Today we finished watching Lonesome Dove (fabulous, I could watch Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones' faces for hours) and enjoyed all this tasty food and cashews (thanks Mom!) and apples (I ate a mammoth Honeycrisp, Luke the more reasonably-sized Galas) and drank generic-brand diet soda and lazed around the house in fleeces and shearling slippers, and it was marvelous.


  1. pizza stones are life-changing, glad you got one!

  2. that pizza looks so legit! think i might put a stone on my "Desire to Acquire" pinterest board :)

  3. So I have a pizza stone, but don't see much of a difference when I use it. I will follow your tips next time.
    But yes, I loove home made pizza. Fun and easy!