Monday, December 5, 2016

Colorado Part 1

Luke's best friend (and Clem's namesake) Jeremy and his wife have two little girls very close in age to our girls. We met up in Denver for a long weekend. Denver because it was equidistant, a very cool place to hang out, and afforded us the opportunity to visit other friends and family too.

Lucas brought his new camera and edited these photos. Thank you!

Dunkin at the airport.

The girls did well on the plane thanks to the iPads (aka flyPads) and we rented a minivan at the airport (C loves minivans). Our Airbnb house had a swing set and toys in the backyard.

And a "tichen!"

And dress up clothes!

Putting Bunny in the high chair.

Josie's expressions crack me up. My cousin Jeff, his wife Tracie, and their daughter Betsy brought dinner over (sushi) and then their friend-in-town came over.

The Clems arrived late that night and were ready to play in the morning!

A cat came through the hole in the fence and it was very exciting.

My sister Robin, Will, and Ava came over and Robin suggested we go to the dog party at the church down the street .... which turned out to be a homeless outreach when we got there, but there were dogs...

Hanging out in a empty lot. It's good to vacation with people who have the same needs/expectations as you do.

That Mom Life.

The doors of the fire station down the street were open and a firefighter, Danielle, gave the kids a tour and let them sit in the fire truck.

(my point and shoot pics)

Watching Frozen, Zootopia, Frozen, or Frozen

 Part 2 up next!

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