Monday, December 5, 2016

Colorado Part 2

We got takeout, the kids played, we refereed, we walked for coffee. Our house was off of a main drag (Broadway) with a nearby grocery store and walkable restaurants and shops. Once again I was so happy with Airbnb. This house was so comfortable with kids.

Walking to the coffee shop. The weather that weekend was perfect - cool in the morning, very sunny.

Bunny, picking up Broadway germs.

Maybe my favorite photo of the trip... a big smile moments before the You Got Me The Muffin I Said I Wanted meltdown, nearly 30 minutes of hysterics.

There were four darling little girls on this trip but by far the most photogenic person was this guy 📷

Adrienne's friend came over and made us quiche.

Naps weren't going well (see above). We drove to Boulder in the hope they would nap in the car.

They did... but not for too long.

Stroll and lunch in Boulder.


Tacos at Jeff and Tracie's

Is this anything as wondrous as someone else's toys?

Snuggled up outside for a movie on the projection screen (Zootopia)

Josie didn't feel like a photo right then.

We had a early flight and were back home by noon on Monday. The next day Luke and I voted, the next we mourned over pizza with our friends. On Thursday I took C to get her hair cut in Lafayette Square and we had lunch at Nordstrom (she strolled into the Galleria Nordstrom - she's never been to that one and I didn't tell her where we were going - and she took a look around and said, "Is this Nordstwom?") and bought long sleeve dresses at Hanna Andersson because Josie balks at anything that isn't a "pitty dwess" [pretty dress]. We had dinner that night at Olive + Oak with friends and left for Florida in the morning.

That was my week of vacation! It was very busy and spanned 3/4 of the continent but it had everything - family time, friend time, solo kid time, couple time, and me time. I loved seeing so many people I care about.

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