Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lipsticks, Chopsticks

Realizing I have a bajillion lipsticks but rarely wear them, I embarked a 12 Days of Lipsmas project:

Lancôme Hypnotique; Lancôme Bow and Arrow; YSL 72;
Tom Ford So Vain; Bobbi Brown Russian Doll; Nars Dragon Girl

Cover Girls Lots of Lava!; Armani sheer 504; Bobbi Brown Brocade;
Perricone No Lipstick Lipstick (unnamed shade); Perricone Super Berry; Rouge d'Armani 400

Takeaways: lipstick makes a big difference! -- Mint Julips is a great product -- Armani sheers are my all time fave.

Josie was sick all week leading up to Christmas. Irritable, febrile, clingy. On Thursday she felt better and we went to Ramen Tei for the first time. Here she uses chopsticks and proclaims the noodles delicious!

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  1. Where does one buy Armani sheer lipstick? Our sephora seems to have the Perricone in stock, but I am not going to the mall this soon after Xmas....