Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Looking over Thanksgivings 2011 (parts 1 and 2); 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015 makes me so thankful that I blog here. It goes from no kids to babies to these toddlers in such a short span of time. SLOW. DOWN.

This year was special because it included a lot of out of town family and both sides of the family. On Wednesday night we met my parents and sisters at Bricktops for dinner. Josie played THERE SHE IS with my dad, shrieking with delight --

To get my mom's attention, Josie shouted her name "TIE-MIN! TIE-MIN!!!" (she calls her Ah-ma [grandma] usually). Josie and my mom started playing a game based on Josie's favorite movie of the moment, Sleeping Beauty: Josie extended her finger toward her straw while my mom intoned in her best Maleficent impression: TOUCH THE SPINDLE! TOUCH IT, I SAY! Josie dissolved in laughter and then exhorted "TIE-MIN! TIE-MIN! Ra-ref-i-cent!" [Maleficent!]

(That game x 50) + ( THERE SHE IS x 50) + ALL of her mac and cheese + a lot of ice cream: That was Josie's Thanksgiving pre-game.

The plan was to leave the girls in WashMO so they could visit with their cousins (daycare was closed and Friday was a workday for me). C went along with this plan but when it became clear that Josie wouldn't sleep outside of her normal spot (usurped by cousin Ava) we took her home with us. It might be the first night the girls have spent apart and afforded us some one-on-one with Josie. On Friday night we went back to Bricktops at my request because Luke ate my leftover crab cake that I was looking forward to. Josie ate all of her grilled cheese and it felt strange to be out without Clementine, who was living it up at Ah-ma's house.

Back to Thursday's fun:



In laws

Pile of kids

The spread

The kids' table



Erin, Sarah, Robin

Elise. She learned how to braid on YouTube and she says you just have to practice.


Will and Ava

Turkey cake

Robin and Will

Tracie and her niece who looks more like her than her actual kid

C was very interested in the turkey cake and requested parts as the evening wore on, "I want the head ... that foot ... da wings."


In a massive oversight, this is the only photo I have of my mom, the hostess with the mostest. Note that she is cleaning while the rest of us sit and visit.

"Ava's my baby."

I missed the first thirty seconds of this, when she was making scooping motions with the spoon while dozing off.


Tickling Ava

"Come here, baby."

Happy holidays to you, friends!

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