Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Weekend on Ice

Jenny and I had plans for the pop-up Christmas bar and Luke's show on Friday but all of the plans of all of St Louis were derailed by a Friday afternoon ice storm that paralyzed the city. It took me 1.5 hours to get to Jenny's and we slipped/slid down her street for a burger at Seamus McDaniels.

(Earlier in the day, Grandparents Extraordinaire flew home from Miami and picked up the girls for the weekend, luckily in advance of the weather.)

Cicero's cancelled the show but because the band was already set up, we had a private concert! (My co-workers braved the ice and cold and attended too so THANK YOU to them!)

I went in to work for a bit on Saturday morning and returned home to Luke + empty house + nowhere to be. MAGIC!!! Instead of completing any of the ten things I always say I'd do if the girls were out of the house, Luke and I curled up and watched television all.day.long. We took an early intermission for a Walgreens wine run and a later break to pick up Indian take out. We watched Sicario (scary-bleak), an episode of Chef's Table, the season premiere of The Man in the High Castle (Luke is going to pass on the series - I'll probably watch it solely for Rufus Sewell's performance), some Kimmy Schmidt (I was guffawing), and the very long but very good American Hustle. A very lazy and very fantastic day!

On Sunday morning we picked up Clementine in Washington and brought her home for the Nutcracker with our friends and their kids.

Getting glam.

The dancers circulated for photos and autographs during the Sugar Plum Fairy Luncheon.

Meeting the Snow Queen. C whispered to me: Is she going to magic us with her wand?

She loved the performance (that was awesome!) and when I asked her if she would like to be in it someday- the little kids played the mice ("you could be a mouse!") - she replied immediately that "I want to be a princess." Attagirl.

With no nap, she fell asleep on the way home. She slept here for a while and refused to wake up ... until 9:45 pm, when she awoke hungry and "firsty." [thirsty] She was in the funniest mood and the three of us sat at the table while she nibbled on salami, cheese, hummus, and carrots and she talked and talked and talked and cracked us up.

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