Friday, December 21, 2012

30 Days with a Grateful Heart: Day 16

Thankful for my Jackups Backups... when I have a transfusion medicine, biostatistical, or Blues Brothers question, I go to this man:

(He also is the reason I met my husband -- because he found out about Stache Bash 2009 -- which is why I'm entertaining Ron as our little girl's middle name.  And he makes amazing Oreo truffles, plays the saxophone and the bass, and got me through a difficult time in my life by being a great and true friend.  We should make her first name Ron.)

Indeed, boom goes the dynamite.

You're bloody fantastic, Dr. Jackups! 

Please don't start billing me.

Ron @ Stache Bash 2009, a night that changed my life forevah

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