Wednesday, December 5, 2012

30 Days with a Grateful Heart: Day 3

The San Antonio Public Library.  The concept of the library is so marvelous (you go, select books, read them, return them, and then get more!) and its existence enriching to my life.  All learning/entertainment, no clutter.

This week I pinpointed the source of some vague anxiety- I am behind on my leisure reading (!), which is - as Marlo would say on The Wire - 'one of them good problems.' Novels, smoothie cookbooks, reference texts... it's too much!

Something cool: SAPL has purchased at least 15 items that I have submitted under the Suggest A Purchase feature.  Making me think I should serve on their board or at least curate the neurotic thirtysomething section.



  1. Tonight I decided to forgo making dinner in exchange for a trip to the library. A nice little stroll, checked out a few books for myself and Betsy, and then met with Jeff and Betsy for dinner. Lovely!

    1. It's really so special. Now I have Lamaze DVDs and a David Foster Wallace essay collection!